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What we can do for You?

We offer a wide range of services that will help you succeed on the web. You want to know how to do it? Write - we'll do the rest.

  • One-page website
  • Webshop
  • Web Portal
  • Sklep internetowy
  • Graphic design
  • Business cards
  • Social Media

One-page website

How to - almost for free - create a fantastic source of new customers?

Nowadays, company website is a showcase of your business, the most popular source of acquiring new customers and one of the most spectacular forms of advertising. Each made by us site includes content management panel, so you can easily edit each page section.

The offer „Website” is prepared for people who want to spread the site into „pieces” in the form of further tabs – separating content by topic.

  • Modern graphic design,
  • Quick term task,
  • Free support,
  • Free documentation service side,
  • Free support in solving problems,
  • Administration panel to edit the content.




How to increase your profits thanks to small investment?

Wepshops play an increasing role in the development of all kinds of shops, as we can see by observing top brands in the industry. You want to progress and you do not know how to begin? You do not have to worry about anything! Our team will prepare for you all and then learn you how to use the purchased technology.

We create shops, where consumers want to buy and they can safely make purchases of your products, which effectively leads to increased your marketing – without moving from the spot. Earn more, devoting less time – is it possible? Yes.

  • Free support,
  • Free documentation service side,
  • Free support in solving problems,
  • Significantly increased turnover,
  • Significantly reduced working time,
  • Administration panel to edit the content.



Web Portal

Thematic portal from now? Yes, it is possible!

Web portals are a huge part of all pages on the Internet. Their destination is to bring together communities interested in the topic into a group, where they can read, discuss, and learn a little more about their interesting category.

Do you have a hobby, a passion and would like to implant it in the other visitors? You operate a business and would like to move with the portal of the industry, while creating a fantastic source of advertising and acquiring new customers for your business? Take advantage of our services, please contact us and learn more about how to easily build a great portal for a low price.!

  • Portal integrated with Social Media,
  • A wide range of functionality,
  • Free support,
  • Free documentation service side,
  • Free support in solving problems,
  • Administration panel to edit the content.



Sklep internetowy

Coraz więcej pieniędzy, za coraz mniej czasu...?

W dzisiejszych czasach firmowa strona internetowa jest wizytówką Twojej działalności, najpopularniejszym źródłem pozyskiwania nowych klientów oraz jedną z najefektowniejszych form reklamy. Każda wykonana przez nas witryna zawiera panel zarządzania treścią, dzięki któremu możesz w łatwy sposób edytować poszczególne sekcje strony, całkowicie nie uzależniając się od dopłat, którymi inne firmy obrzucają swoich klientów.

Oferta „Strona internetowa” przeznaczona jest dla osób chcących rozłożyć witrynę na „części” w postaci kolejnych zakładek – oddzielając treść tematycznie. Jest to świetne rozwiązanie, jeżeli na platformie ma znaleźć się wiele różnorodnych informacji, aktualności, cennik, oferta czy przykładowo galeria.

  • Uporządkowana treść witryny,
  • Darmowa pomoc techniczna,
  • Darmowa dokumentacja obsługi strony,
  • Darmowe wsparcie w rozwiązywaniu problemów,
  • Panel administracyjny do edycji treści.



Graphic design

We are creating projects, which remain in the memory of visitors...

In our offer, one of the main strength is a graphic design, executed with great care, created with the target of attracting new customers visually (to keep the visitor for longer). Our projects always hit the eye, are created in such a way as to present the site in the best possible light immediately after entering it.

We are designing for each project individually, with great care and attention to detail. We offer simple projects, in which special attention is paid to transparency and accessibility of information, but also creative and innovative projects.

  • Unique, inaccessible template,
  • Creative, innovative design.



Business cards

... soo how to present yourself in the best light.

Business Cards – whether general or personal, are an integral part of running your own business.

Business cards are a tool to operate the first impression of potential client. Good graphic design, pleasing to the eye while adequately transparent, is the key to the sowing of interest in the human head. We know how to do it.

  • Creative idea,
  • Transparent content,
  • A fantastic result.



Social Media

... soo how to squeeze as much as possible using the Internet.

The appropriate strategy of running ads on Facebook & Google+ is the key to success and a great source of acquiring new customers. Properly conducted fanpage, which engages in its development of its own fans, organizes competitions, runs daily updates is the key to success. In addition, the company’s facebook page is a place to collect opinions, advice and suggestions from users of its services.

  • Easy access to customer feedback,
  • Integration with the website,
  • „Building” company’s brand.



Let us introduce smsites

We want to improve our skills - and we doing it day by day. Simple and clear, right? You can help us with it. :)

How to enhance your profits? How to create beautiful online adverts to attract potential new customers? How to do it almost for free?

In SMsites we offer you everything you need to increase your visibility on the Web. We will create something unique, exciting, based on your expectations. It has never been so easy!

What we guarantee?

  • Stunning design,
  • Satisfaction with the service,
  • Tailor your needs,
  • Easy and fast contact.

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